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Aromatherapy Oil

As I continue to use and benefit from doTERRA essential oils in my personal and business wellness practice, it is clear to me that sharing what I know about this amazing company and their certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils is a passion I need to follow. I know that once learning about how effective and SAFE these powerful oils are for you and your family (of all ages!), and how you can replace toxic, chemically-loaded products with doTERRA CPTG oils in your home, you’ll want to do so as soon as possible!


Beginning April 3, 2019, I will be posting below replays of my interviews with essential oil experts regarding various wellness topics. Please stay tuned! 

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Sharing doTERRA has also brought me financial freedom that I had not anticipated. In what other business can can you invest as little as $100 per month and as little as 10 hours per week and still create a successful team, have fun, and make an income that continues to grow over time?


Imagine creating your own schedule, spending quality time with friends and family, and having the time to fulfil your soul's desire while at the same time creating a lucrative business that supports you, your family, and your freedom! 

Whether you want to supplement your income (and get free oils) or create a thriving business for yourself, or anything in-between, being a doTERRA Wellness Advocate allows YOU the flexibility to decide.


As a member of my team, you’ll receive additional business support over and above the tools provided by doTERRA. AND business builders on my team receive a FREE monthly online coaching session with me (valued at $200/month)!

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