You’re seeking illumination.

You’re ready to grow. You’re a creative, open-minded woman who longs for a transcendent life and career.

You’ve  spent most of your life working hard -- too hard -- for the life you want only to be left feeling isolated, disconnected, and out of balance.


You’ve striven and driven for so long to reach your goals and to realize your dreams that you’ve actually isolated yourself from the relationships and meaningful sense of connection you crave.


And the longer you stay on this path of struggle, the more elusive that balance becomes. And the lonelier life gets.


You can’t live like this anymore. And you don’t have to. A life coach is the solution.

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You CAN:

  • Establish true connection to the work and people you love

  • Uncover the meaning of your life

  • Align with your unique purpose

  • Regain your energy


You don’t have to dread your day, your next transition, or your future.

There is hope. A life coach can help, and I have the solution you're looking for.


You can claim your future now. I know you can, because I did.


Teresa Bell

My name is Teresa Bell.

I founded Light Blossom Essentials to help motivated women take control of their self-renewal after my own life was transformed by understanding the power of my own mind-body-spirit connection.

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